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All About Nursing Radioshow - Dr. Joyce Batcheller

All About NursingAll About Nursing explains how nurses play a significant role in providing healthcare in multiple care settings. You will be able to hear from some key nurses who work in practice, academia and other practice settings. 

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Professional Identity in Nursing

Professional Identity In NursingWatch the recorded webinar from Nelda Godfrey, PhD, ACNS-BC, RN, FAAN, in which she shares the research done to date to better understand professional identity in nursing. She will report on the latest findings from the Professional Identity in Nursing Think Tank 2019 and share ways in which YOU can help use and demonstrate what the signposts of professional identity stand for to better communicate what nurses bring to the health care environment.

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Roadmap for Assuring Successful Transitions

Successful TransitionsWatch the recorded webinar from Joyce Batcheller, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, and learn about the importance of planning for transitions, strategies to use to assure success for both planned and unplanned transitions and competencies that are critical to develop.

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Survey of Millennial Nurses 2018

Survey of Millennial NursesThe AMN Healthcare Survey of Millennial Nurses: A Dynamic Influence on the Profession, compares the views of Millennial nurses (ages 19-36) to those of Generation X (ages 37-53) and Baby Boomer nurses (ages 54-71) regarding their expectations about their work environment and career futures.

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2018 CNO Survey on Nurse Supply and Demand

CNO SurveyHealthcare organizations face growing challenges in finding the nurses they need, according to nurse leaders, most of whom say that these problems will get worse in the next five years. Learn about the growing consequences and challenges the healthcare industry will face according to CNOs.

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