Can I print a copy of my certificate at a later time or from another computer?

Your certificate is already when you are! Log into RN.com and select My Profile from the Quick Links menu. Select the gear icon (top right) then under Miscellaneous (bottom section of the page) select "My certificates."

How can I update my profile (contact information, license, CE Broker, name change)?

You can update all this information in your RN.com Profile. If you require a name change, forward your Drivers License, State ID or passport with your updated name to info@RN.com.

What is your turn around for requests?

You will receive a reply within 24 hours (weekends excluded).

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Select the "Forgot password" link from the login page.

Why do I get an error message when I enter my username/password?

You will need to update your password. Select the "Forgot password" link from the login page.

I can’t view the course materials.

Please reach out to info@RN.com and include screenshots of the issue you are experiencing. We will research the issue and reply back as soon as possible.

I’m using a Mac and I can’t view the course.

Please make sure you are NOT using Safari. If you are using any of the other internet browsers and still experience difficulties, reach out to info@RN.com. Include screenshots of the issue you are experiencing.

My certificates aren’t opening up; it asks me to find the file to open or save with.

Make sure you have a PDF reading program installed on your computer.

Payment and Refunds
Can I use any credit card?

We accept all major credit cards.

Where can I find copies of my receipts?

Your receipts can be found under the "My Account" section. Once there, click "My Orders."

How can I register for a membership or a course if I do not want to use a credit card?

We also accept Paypal!

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Contact us at info@RN.com to request a refund.

CE Reporting
For which states do you report my courses to CE Broker?

We electronically report to CE broker for the following states: Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Wyoming. As additional states are added to CE Broker this list will be updated.


To have your credits reported, verify that your license number is listed in your RN.com profile.


RN.com reports to CE Broker weekly.

How can I find out the continuing education requirements for my state board?

Every state has different requirements; therefore, you will need to check with your state's board to verify what you need. RN.com is an accredited provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing ANCC. Check your state board for a detailed list or you can use this overview of state requirements.

When I take courses, how do I notify the state board?

Each state is different when it comes to CE reporting. You should check with your individual state board of nursing for instructions on how to report CE.

Will my state accept RN.com courses?

Our accreditation is American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which is national. Most states accept this accreditation, but you should check with your state board to verify.

Do you offer courses for Case Management?

Yes. We are a PACE Provider for CCMC®; this means that the courses in the CCMC category have been pre-approved for Case Managers (CM).


Note: Non-CCMC approved courses may still be eligible, but the CM is responsible for validating with CCMC if the courses qualify for CE credit. The CM is also responsible for the fee for submitting a non-pre-approved course. Please note that any nurse may take these courses.

Is RN.com accredited?

Yes, RN.com is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC).

What does it mean when it says “this course will expire” on a certain date?

Most RN.com courses expire after three (3) years; however, on occasion a course will expire before a three-year period. We recommend that you plan to complete the post test before the expiration date. If you pass the course before the expiration date, your certificate will still be valid after that date.

Exams and Membership
What happens if I fail an assigned exam?

Please contact your Credentialing Analyst or Group Administrator for immediate assistance.

Do you offer memberships for CE Courses??

Yes. We offer Group Memberships at a discounted rate for 5 or more users. These annual memberships provide full access to our entire catalog of CE courses. For more details see our CE Group membership page.

Do you offer memberships for Exams?

Yes. We offer Group Exam Memberships, for more details see our Exam Group membership page.

What happens to my unlimited membership if I become a member one of AMN's group accounts?

Your unlimited membership will remain intact, however you will need a separate login if you are part of a group. Activities completed under each account are unique to that account.