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All About Nursing Show 1 - Dr. Joyce Batcheller's Background and Nursing Pathway 

All About Nursing Show 2 - Dr. Bob Dent: What it's been like to be a Male in Nursing

All About Nursing Show 3 - Dr. Marcia Faller: 2017 Survey of Registered Nurses

All About Nursing Show 4 - Larry Punteney: The Importance of Nurses and Nurse Staffing

All About Nursing Show 5 - Dr. Syl Trepanier: Roles and Experiences

All About Nursing Show 6 - Dr. Bob Dent: Improving an Organization's Culture

All About Nursing Show 7 - Dr. Michael Evans: Different Nursing Leadership Roles

All About Nursing Show 8 - Dr. Carol Myers: Nurses Invisibility in the Media

All About Nursing Show 9 - Michael Ward: Importance of being Involved and Mentored

All About Nursing Show 10 - Priscilla Reid and Julie Kuzin: What does the Role as a Nurse Practitioner encompass?

All About Nursing Show 11 - The different Ways of going back to Nursing School

All About Nursing Show 12 - Dr. Karen Drenkard: Career Changes in Nursing

All About Nursing Show 13 - Dr. Tom Ahrens: The Need to educate the Public about Sepsis

All About Nursing Show 14 - Lauri Benson: Nurses on Boards Coalition

All About Nursing Show 15 - Dr. Jason Wolf: The Beryl Institute and improving Patient Experience

All About Nursing Show 16 - Robin Cogan: School Nursing

All About Nursing Show 17 - Jennifer Tomasik: Interprofessional Care & Collaboration

All About Nursing Show 18 - Dr. Pamela Cipriano: The American Nurses Association

All About Nursing Show 19 - Dr. Beverly Malone: National League of Nursing

All About Nursing Show 20 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  

All About Nursing Show 21 - Coalition for a better Understanding of Nursing  

All About Nursing Show 22 - Dr. Joyce Batcheller: Opportunities and Challenges in Nursing  

All About Nursing Show 23 - The Nurse Leader Coach: Become the Boss no One wants to leave  

All About Nursing Show 24 - Cindy Zolnierek: Leadership Journey and the Texas Nurses Association  

All About Nursing Show 25 - Bernadette Heinrichs: The Opioid Crisis and new Ways for managing Pain  

All About Nursing Show 26 - Dr. Ann Cashion: Working in Clinical Science and Research as a Nurse   

All About Nursing Show 28 - Dr. Patricia Yoder-Wise: Healthy Work Environments   

All About Nursing Show 29 - Dr. Erin Perez: Advanced Care Planning   

All About Nursing Show 30 - Dr. Jeff Adams: Enhancing the Influence of Nurses   

All About Nursing Show 31 - Dr. Jane Englebright: Multifaceted Nursing Agenda   

All About Nursing Show 32 - Rob St. John: Working for a Medical Device Company   

All About Nursing Show 33 - Dr. Deb Zimmermann and Dr. Judy Beal: Their work as Nursing Leaders in the Academic Practice   

All About Nursing Show 34 - Vicky Tiase and Molly McCarthy: How Technology can remove Barriers and increase Efficiency   

All About Nursing Show 35 - Joyce Batcheller: An Overview and Recap of the past Episodes   

All About Nursing Show 36 - Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding: The Resilience Paradigm in Nursing   

All About Nursing Show 37 - Loni Denne: Mission: Lifeline | American Heart Association   

All About Nursing Show 38 - Dr. Janine Shirmer and Dr. Bartira de Aguiar Roza: The Role of Nurses in Transplantation  

All About Nursing Show 39 - Carol Boston-Fleischhauer: Key Issues in Nursing including Workplace Violence   

All About Nursing Show 40 - Dr. Amy Anderson: Health Policy and the International Council of Nurses   

All About Nursing Show 41 - Dr. Catherine Georges: Prescription Drug Prices and Healthy Aging   

All About Nursing Show 42 - Dr. Karen Cox: Nursing Challenges and the American Academy of Nursing   

All About Nursing Show 43 - Dr. Greer Glazer: Academia and Practice Partnerships   

All About Nursing Show 44 - Carole Klove and Rosanne Hallford: Using Innovation to Empower and Engage Frontline Nurses   

All About Nursing Show 45 - Dawn Webb: Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health in Nursing   

All About Nursing Show 46 - Collaborative Research and Work between Academic and Hospital/Practice Settings   

All About Nursing Show 47 - Jennifer Flynn: Reducing Nurse Professional Liability Risks   

All About Nursing Show 48 - Dr. Cynthia Sweeney: The DAISY Foundation   

All About Nursing Show 49 - Dr. Rumay Alexander: National League for Nursing   

All About Nursing Show 50 - Dr. Andrea Lindell, Vice Provost of Walden University’s College of Health Sciences, and Dr. George Zangaro, Dean for Walden University’s School of Nursing, discuss the Evolution of Nursing   

**NEW**All About Nursing Show 51 - Aluvia M. Astrid: Her Journey as a Holistic Healer, Nursing & the Birth of The Hearth**NEW**   

**NEW**All About Nursing Show 52 - Dr. Lisa Campbell: From Private Practice to Public Health Nurse**NEW**   

**NEW**All About Nursing Show 53 - Linda Ohler: Transplant Specialty **NEW**   

**NEW**All About Nursing Show 54 - Dr. Susan Reinhard & Elaine Ryan: Family Caregiving Research, Development and Strategies by AARP**NEW**   

**NEW**All About Nursing Show 55 -Dr. MarySue Heilemann & Dr. Connie Sobon Sensor: International Nursing**NEW**   

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About the host, Dr. Joyce Batcheller:

Joyce BatchellerDr. Joyce Batcheller is an Executive Nurse Advisor with The Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals for AMN Healthcare and is responsible for the development and delivery of two Chief Nursing Officer Academies: CNO Academy I, which was developed for new and aspiring CNOs and CNO Academy II, which was developed for experienced CNOs.

Dr. Batcheller holds the position of adjunct professor for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing in Lubbock, Texas and serves as a consultant and educator for the Nursing Knowledge Center. Dr. Batcheller is an innovative healthcare leader known for her ability to transform nursing and improve patient outcomes. She inspires nurses and other healthcare professionals to reach their full potential. One of Dr. Batcheller’s unique talents is her ability to create a compelling vision to engage, empower, and stimulate innovation among her peers.

Having served as a Chief Nursing Officer for more than 19 years in one of the largest healthcare providers in Central Texas, she has extensive experience in leading large system changes within a complex multi-hospital organization. She created and implemented a system-wide shared governance model and led a pilot site for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Institute of Healthcare Improvement – Transforming Care at the Bedside Project. During her tenure, nine of these system hospitals achieved American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certification — four were Magnet®-certified and five were Pathway to Excellence®-certified.

Dr. Batcheller has specialized in chief nursing officer on-boarding and authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on the subject. She is an innovative health care leader who is highly sought for speaking engagements nationally and is a holder of a Fundamentals of Magnet® certificate. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock.